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Why should you hire my firm to represent you on your transaction?

Over thirty years of transactional and commercial leasing experience provides me the insight to anticipate the needs of all parties involved in negotiating agreements, and thus enhance efficiency in getting to the close. My aim is to create contracts that clearly align expectations between the parties, protect and benefit my client, and provide smooth operational paths for business relationships.

So what do I bring to the table for you?

Solid Experience: I have worked for multibillion-dollar corporations as well as small and medium-sized businesses on a wide variety of commercial matters:

  • Completion of over 1,000 commercial lease (retail, office, ground, warehouse) deals
  • Drafting and negotiation of many hundreds of diverse business agreements, including—
    • - Business acquisition/sale contracts
    • - Partnership and LLC operating agreements
    • - Employment, hire, severance, and non-compete agreements
    • - Consulting services and independent contractor agreements
    • - Software license, maintenance, escrow, distribution, reselling, and IT systems outsourcing/management transactions

What do you gain from my services?

My mission is to help you achieve your business objectives through appropriately developed, protective, and forward-thinking agreements. I recognize the importance of your investment by providing responsive, highly experienced legal counsel at sensible rates.

When you engage my firm, I strive to become a trusted advisor focused on your growth, prosperity, and protection. A critical element behind my value-driven services offering is that I really enjoy building strong and trusting relationships—one satisfied client at a time.


Lars Andersen, Esq.
Corporate and Leasing Attorney